Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.
— Dorothea Lange

Growing up with a dad and aunt that were into photography made for a young kid with a camera. I got my first camera when I was nine and have always had a love for capturing life as it happens. 

I believe it’s vital to live in the present, but be able to look back at your past, the good and the bad. To have a moment captured that allows you to transport yourself into the past for a moment and re-live it. Whether it was a time that you can say you were happy in that specific moment or look back and remember a time that wasn’t easy, but you overcame. Birthdays, traveling, or a day out with someone you love. These are things that are worth remembering. These are times with those you care about that you can look back on and cherish.

I enjoy challenging myself, testing out ideas and learning as much as I can about the things that interest me. As someone who works in the field of architecture, I’m challenged on a daily basis and learn something new every day in an ever changing industry. I like testing out different areas of photography, butI find sports to be my niche. It challenges me and forces me to get creative quickly before I miss the moment. It’s always growing, always changing. I learn something new about it every time I shoot. I fall in with the art of it every time I shoot.